Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Little Baby Turned 4!!!Sponge Bob Birthday Cake.

When my Little son turned 4 and I had to find idea for his birthday party, I was quite lost. Whenever I asked him what he wanted, he couldn't give me an answer. My oldest son in oppose to his little brother tells me a year before and gives me a list with presents, and I also knew what my son's current obsession was.My little one, was born in the house, which was already filled with toys and never really asked me  to buy anything for him. He never cried and never sent the letter to Santa with hundreds items in it. I figured that I have to see what he loves to watch, and we looooove Sponge Bob Square Pants. It's silly, it's stupid from time to time, but it is entertaining. So, it was decided to create Sponge Bob theme party and I bought all kinds of board games with Sponge Bob images and decided to cover my cake with fondant to make  it look like Sponge Bob as close as possible. I tried to make my own fondant few times before with marshmallows and covered the cakes with it and never was fully satisfied with the results. The MF (marshmallow fondant) was too soft and melted to quickly. For me and my family, the taste of cake is very important, that's why everything from top to bottom had to be delicious and beautiful. I bought Wilton fondant, tasted it, and threw it to garbage. Years ago, I bought "The Cake Bible" by Rose Levy Beranbaum and thought through the Fondant recipe from it. I bought all the ingredients and... didn't do it. Later, I bought "The essential guide to cake decorating" and liked the simplicity of its sugarpaste recipe. Never did it. :( Finally, decided to browse the Cake decorator's favorite site and found recipe which satisfied hundreds of people. I decided to give it a try...
The fondant was made 2 days in advance. I wanted to give it a rest a day after it was made and a day after colored it. I colored it with gel Wilton colors in batches. I loved it!!! The fondant is pliable, stretchy, tastes delicious!