Monday, September 17, 2012

Moving to Turkey.

Summer 2012 brought a lot of surprises into our life. We sold our cafe, and moved to Istanbul, Turkey. This is a brand new beginning for my family. I hope you will enjoy new turkish-inspired culinary adventures, and my very hard to adjust to new ingredients experience. I will try to cook my family's favorite dishes with new turkish equivalent ingredients, and share my new finds with you. We started our new life with very exciting chapter-Vacation. We moved from city to city in our car, and stayed in different places couple nights, which gave us some time to rest, and some time to enjoy. Stop #1-Lagoon between Adrasan and Olympos-Antalya.
Zero comfort, fantastic pebble beach, the best sea in the world, and you eat whatever you catch, or kill. The owner of this little paradise killed a wild goat, and cooked it for a dinner. The meat was cooked without any spices added to it, and yet, it had an amazing the strong oregano sense in every bite. It was amazing!
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