Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to be a Celebrity, or Kasarli Kofte.

Every moment of our life is a history. You live it- you post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, wrote about it in your blog. In instant your post will appear in Google search, people will read your story and look through your pictures. Are you famous, yet?- I suppose not yet. I would like to think that you reached the status of celebrity, when you are getting your pockets filled with diamonds and dollar bills simply by being yourself. Then,the status turns into the full-time job. You can be a desperate housewife, model, nerd, or fortune-teller, excellent cook, writer, tenant in Playboy mansion, get married to a famous guy, get divorce from a famous guy,write another Gangnam Style song, have DDD size, train your cat to get onto the boxes, and walk over the Niagara Falls, become an enlightened guru, or write a book on how to become rich and famous. Note: I am not charging you for the above ideas on how to get famous.:)It sounds pretty easy at this age of social network, you only need a little bit of luck, and then hope, and then work. Is it a hard work to become a celebrity, or keeping a status of one afterward? I think it's pretty hard, and nerve-breaking. Every appearance outside of your home turns into the job. You have to wear certain things, you have to say right stuff, you have to be with the correct person, and act as the star. I see extremely hard work behind Justin Bieber,PSY, Kendall Schmidt, and many other, that got recognition, and fame, and keeping it working for them.
Now forget about everything I wrote above, because it's not applicable to Turkey. Turkey is an amazing country, as you might already know. The fact that you are born blond, with blue eyes is already an advantage and possibility for you to become a Star, or at least sign up for the beauty pageant. That's it! No hard work is needed. You don't need to be a musical prodigy, dancing athlete,spelling-bee champion, or have the longest legs on the planet. It's that damned easy in Turkey! The scheme is super easy.Here are the 10 steps that almost every celebrity used in her life.
No:1 You are pretty and good-looking,perhaps even beautiful. You are lucky if you are born this way. Not so lucky, you go ahead to the good plastic surgeon.
No:2 You participate in Beauty Pageant. The results... really don't matter.But first place makes it all so much easier.
No:3 You get on the cover of the magazine, they write about you in the newspapers.You got some talents, some secrets, some misery in you life-people will love it.
No:4 Open your arms for the fortune to come, and be ready! You are invited to the talk shows. I have to admit, you have to know how to talk. Beauty won't save your ass on TV.
No:5 This is important stage in Turkish entertainment business-you become singer. Yes, you have to sing.Music is the best tool to attract people, make money, and move you up to the throne of the queen.At this stage, usually you are allowed to call yourself "The most beautiful woman on the planet", "The woman with the best voice","The best singer".Modesty is not in fashion, here.
No:6 After couple of albums, happy marriage, successful divorce, you might slow down.
No:7 Next step is role in soap opera. You are an actress, now.
No:8 If that is not working, there is always a place for you to host a TV show, or to be a judge in another singing competition.
No:9 Your Botox consultations become more frequent, and you start writing a column in a weekly newspaper, sharing your thoughts of life, and opinion.
No:10 You lived a celebrity life, you may rest in peace.

I hear you saying,"Come on, bring us some examples!"One of the biggest celebrity is Hulya Avsar. She won a beauty pageant, but as a divorcee woman the title was taken away. The scandal brought this young woman fame, and attention, that have lasted for thirty years. Pinar Altug, Azra Akin, Gulben Ergen-these are the first names that come to my mind. Turkish public is one of the best public in the world. Public will love you, just be there for it. You have to remind of yourself, be on the screen , no matter in what shape, or role. I found this to be a turkish phenomenon, and have so much regret that I didn't live here when I was 18 years old, and could apply to the beauty pageant.

Let's get to the recipe, now. I chose kofte recipe today, because it reminded me of the concept, that kofte is always kofte-it's simply ground meat, onion, and spices no matter how you call it. There are hundreds of different recipes with different names in Turkey, but the basic stays the same, just like the beauty pageant winner, no matter how you will call it-actress, star, celebrity, model, TV person, or singer.It will be always loved for what is inside.

KASARLI KOFTE ( Ground beef Kofte with cheese)
500 gr ground beef/or lamb
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1 onion chopped in food processor
1 t baking soda, activated by splashes of distilled vinegar
black pepper
1 cup of shredded Mozzarela cheese/Kasar cheese

Mix all ingredients very well, and let it stay in refrigerator for 30-45 minutes. Form a thick finger-like kofte, and fry them on heated pan with vegetable oil.Enjoy the koftes in your sandwiches, wraps, or on your plate with some side dishes.

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