Saturday, October 31, 2009



I had never carved the pumpkin before in my life. My oldest son insisted for a very long time and finally yesterday, the day before the Halloween, we did couple small pumpkins. And I must say, IT IS A LOT OF FUN!!!!

You really need a minimum of tools and a little bit of time. It's not terribly messy and the results are absolutely great!

1. Cut the top off and start to scrape the inside flesh out. Here my son used the tablespoon, but I used some sharp stuff that I owe, like for example my own manicured nails. :)

2. Choose the side which is going to be carved and try to scrape the inside as much as you can to make it approximately 1 inch thick.

3. Pick a design and draw it on the surface of the pumpkin. If you don't trust your drawing skills , then you can draw (or print) it on the paper and trace it by punching the lines with the needle.

4. There are really good tools for sale in the craft shops for carving, but I used the regular crafting knife to cut the surface skin of the pumpkin. It's very sharp, so you have to be very cautious and work always the knife opposite from you.

5. Then I let my son to use a small saw tool to finish the cutting process. He loved sawing. The moments when the first eye popped out, then second were full of happiness and screams. :)

6. Finish the edges with the saw, make them smooth and perhaps it will need some minimal corrections and you will have YOUR HALLOWEEN JACK -O-LANTERN.


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